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Making A Difference

About Us

REDONE / IT is in the business of changing and shaping lives. Our work aims at providing a helping hand in solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We strive in our best efforts to create opportunities for individuals and communities globally.

Empowering Women

Underprivileged women in India face the struggle of a male dominated work society. They are destitute, uneducated, and unemployed; our project empowers them by providing job opportunities to help them in support of their families

Women Holding Hands
Field of Flowers
Flowers in Pocket

Recycling Denim

Our up-cycling project converts your favorite jeans into stylish bags, masks and other accessories. Instead of throwing away our garments, making them end up in landfills, recycling is a great alternative for our environment

Scientist with Microscope

Fighting Cancer

100% of the profits are donated towards cancer treatments at TATA Memorial Hospital & Boca Raton Regional Hospital and towards a women-led cancer research team, The ResearcHERS, affiliated with American Cancer Society.

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